Calendar and Events


TCF will comply with all current advice provided by the ACT Government. Please note, this is a stipulation of our use of the meeting room at GCCC.

The committee will continue to take a very cautious approach, and are currently discussing when we schedule social events (e.g. morning teas, lunches, dinners, knit & natter). We will notify members by email of any additions to the calendar.

Renewal of Membership and tax deductible annual donation

If you wish to renew your TCF membership and keep receiving the newsletter please fill in the enclosed Membership form. We have Deductible Gift Recipient status from the Australian Taxation Office. We ask members to kindly make an annual donation, which will be tax deductible.

If anyone wishes to remain a member but is unable to make a donation, please fill in the appropriate line on the form. We’ll make sure your membership is updated and you keep receiving your newsletter.  If we don’t hear from you for two years we’ll assume you no longer wish to receive the newsletter and remove you from our mailing list.


Saturday 27 November, 2:00 pm

Annual General Meeting, Grant Cameron Community Centre


 1.  Formal part of AGM 

2. Short discussion about TCF

3. Short memorial ceremony

4. Afternoon tea