Calendar and Events


TCF will comply with all current advice provided by the ACT Government. Please note, this is a stipulation of our use of the meeting room at GCCC.

The committee will continue to take a very cautious approach, and are currently discussing when we schedule social events (e.g. morning teas, lunches, dinners, knit & natter). We will notify members by email of any additions to the calendar.

Renewal of Membership and tax deductible annual donation

If you wish to renew your TCF membership and keep receiving the newsletter please fill in the enclosed Membership form. We have Deductible Gift Recipient status from the Australian Taxation Office. We ask members to kindly make an annual donation, which will be tax deductible.

If anyone wishes to remain a member but is unable to make a donation, please fill in the appropriate line on the form. We’ll make sure your membership is updated and you keep receiving your newsletter.  If we don’t hear from you for two years we’ll assume you no longer wish to receive the newsletter and remove you from our mailing list.


Tue 7 Dec 7:00 pm

Special end-of-year sharing meeting with Maxine and Jayne.
You may wish to bring a gift for a child to be passed on by the Salvation Army in their annual Christmas distribution (Gifts should be unwrapped). 
(This will be our last meeting at the Grant Cameron Community Centre).

Sunday 12 Dec 7:00-8:00 pm TCF Worldwide Candle Lighting Ceremony
There won’t be an event at our seat this year, but you are invited to participate in this world-wide event at home. By lighting a candle for one hour you will help to create a wave of light to encircle the earth. Remembering our children: ‘that their light may always shine’.
Sunday 30 January 9:00 am TCF International Children’s Memorial Day (Butterfly Day) at our seat in Weston Park. Come and join us for a short ceremony followed by breakfast. Please bring your own tea or coffee and snack and a flower to put at the foot of one of the gum trees in memory of your child. Acceptances to Maxine or 6286 6134.
Tuesday 1 Feb
7:00 pm
Evening sharing meeting with Maxine and Jayne.
Perhaps bring a photograph of your child as a focus to share something of their life with us. (Remember that any suggestion of a theme to a meeting is always optional. We are there to hear whatever each person wants to talk about). This meeting will be at a new venue. For information about the venue and acceptances for attendance, contact Maxine. (Information will also be available on Butterfly Day).